The Digital is Media Awards is an annual online awards platform covering up to 20 categories themed under digital publishing, entertainment and culture.

This purely online event highlights a newborn media maker that can simply wake up write, cast, crew and crowdfund a project online, record & edit with a mobile device, launch a YouTube channel to distribute the work, and design a blog to start publicizing it to find an audience via any one of a number of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Digital media makers are a new breed and so the awards structure takes the form of a fun interactive and modern online-focused event streamed live via YouTube and Facebook Live. Voting takes the form of a combination of peer recognition and public support which both tests and rewards the interactive capabilities of nominees in the key area of online & social media marketing.

A new era has arrived…. Digital is Media is truly our new reality.

The Screen Nation Digital is Media Awards have never felt more relevant. After the last few years of digital technology advancements, media industry convergence is now a reality – the online, TV, film, animation, music, SFX, publishing worlds etc have never been closer and in many cases, they are one and the same.

The Digital is Media Awards celebrates excellence by black British professionals and non-professionals alike working to produce innovative, interactive video content, plus apps, social media campaigns, games and web channels. And it also champions outstanding web, podcast and online talk shows from channels that achieve scale, volume and noise, no matter what their budgets.

It’s a powerful combination and one we feel works well, setting these awards apart from others in the market.

Vote for your favourites and a combination of the public, the nominees themselves and the short film ceremony audience will decide the rest. Just like in the real world.